Some future plans summarised
This topic is one of the major subjects of the part 2 of this article but briefly;

Technically, the way it currently utilises smart contracts and how all of this works is seemingly very naive. On it’s current version, there basically are two methods that use the tokens; on one example, they allow the webpage to be granted access or not to the current user by checking the amount of tokens [more than 1 means access] from a given smart contract hash after connecting to the Metamask account. On the second example, it uses the ERC-721s to sell digital image files just as any other crypto art collectible. We hope to integrate smart contracts to the project on a lower level and in more diverse ways.

Part 2 will be a more critical write up about various topics of discussion such as anonymity, the use of cryptocurrencies, various work-in-progress material, the promises and the boredoms.

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