How to make massive changes in JIRA JQL filters

Imagine you want to change the name or the classification of the project "categories" in your JIRA projects... or names of customfields.... Then, a lot of JQL queries and filters will fail... ¿How we can change the JQL sentences in mode massive of all filters of JIRA? The only solution is making the change in … Continue reading How to make massive changes in JIRA JQL filters


Obtaining Confluence metrics & SQL tricks

MySQL query to get the last login of all members of the confluence-users group SELECT distinct u.lower_user_name, l.successdate FROM cwd_user u LEFT JOIN logininfo l ON u.user_name = l.username JOIN cwd_membership m ON = m.child_user_id JOIN cwd_group g ON m.parent_id = JOIN spacepermissions sp ON g.group_name = sp.permgroupname WHERE permtype='USECONFLUENCE' order by u.lower_user_name;  … Continue reading Obtaining Confluence metrics & SQL tricks