How to change the UI styling of JIRA

Very easy with ScriptRunner! But first... you need to change the file from your bin folder of JIRA. We need to add to the JVM_REQUIRED_ARGS the system property plugin.resource.directories Once added to the target folder, you can upload here the CSS or JS files you need for you UI customizations. Then RESTART the jira … Continue reading How to change the UI styling of JIRA


How to remove the CLONE option in JIRA Projects

Very easy with Scriptrunner plugin! Go to "Cog Icon-->Add-ons-->SCRIPTRUNNER-->Script Fragments" Add a Hide option and insert these parameters. NOTE 1: Remember, the option must return "false" to hide the option. NOTE 2: replace "KAN" for the Key of the project you want to apply

How to know the location to insert a fragment in JIRA

With ScriptRunner is very easy! IMPORTANT NOTE: YOUR JIRA INSTANCE MUST BE A NON-PRODUCTION SERVER Go to "Cog icon-->Add-ons-->SCRIPTRUNNER-->Script Fragments-->Click in "enable" phrase" You will see then the "debug" mode... (more info)      

JIRA Scriptrunner REST Endpoint & Web Fragment example

This example show a button in the "More" option of the issue tickets called "Approve this issue". This button call a Scriptrunner REST custom Endpoint and returns a "flag" Object to be shown as alert in the ticket. First go to "Add-ons-> Scriptrunner --> REST Endpoints" and add this script: Then save the REST Endpoint. … Continue reading JIRA Scriptrunner REST Endpoint & Web Fragment example