WiderNet seeks Confluence savvy volunteer

Our small non-profit organization, which provides digital libraries to over 1,600 schools in developing countires, needs help migrating from an older Confluence to the latest version. It's all tied to our migration from Drupal to WordPress. For years we've pulled occasional articles out of Confluence to include them on our Drupal Web site using XML-RPC. … Continue reading WiderNet seeks Confluence savvy volunteer


JIRA Scriptrunner REST Endpoint & Web Fragment example

This example show a button in the "More" option of the issue tickets called "Approve this issue". This button call a Scriptrunner REST custom Endpoint and returns a "flag" Object to be shown as alert in the ticket. First go to "Add-ons-> Scriptrunner --> REST Endpoints" and add this script: Then save the REST Endpoint. … Continue reading JIRA Scriptrunner REST Endpoint & Web Fragment example

New BlockChain Viewer for JIRA

BlockChain Viewer Gadget for JIRA: Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Voxels, Dash, Steem, Moreno, Ripple & all graphs (One week view) With this JIRA add-on you can control all time the price of the main virtual currencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Voxels, Steem, Dash, Ripple and Monero. Also you can see faster if … Continue reading New BlockChain Viewer for JIRA


Examples of updating an issue using fields. Example of assigning an issue to user "harry" This simple edit Request example input data Response You should just receive a response with a status of "204 No Content" Example of updating many fields at the same time Here we update the assignee and also the summary, priority, … Continue reading JIRA REST API Example with CURL

Measure timings of REST WS calls to JIRA with SoapUI

SOAPUI is the best interface to make tests to JIRA Web Services. And it's free. Download SOAPUI It's very easy, only install and make the test. Set the Endpoint to your JIRA URL Domain and protocol (http or https) and put the resource URL to the REST Endpoint (like /rest/api/2/PROJECT-NUM/worklog to put worklog in an … Continue reading Measure timings of REST WS calls to JIRA with SoapUI

Script JQL Functions: Included Functions in Groovy ScriptRunner

JQL functions: hasComments commented lastComment lastUpdated hasAttachments fileAttached workLogged dateCompare hasSubtasks subtasksOf parentsOf hasLinks hasLinkType linkedIssuesOf linkedIssuesOfRecursive linkedIssuesOfRecursiveLimited expression aggregateExpression issueFieldMatch issueFieldExactMatch myProjects recentProjects projectMatch / componentMatch / ver earliestUnreleasedVersionByRelease addedAfterSprintStart removedAfterSprintStart incompleteInSprint completeInSprint nextSprint previousSprint inSprint(board name, sprint name) See more in Adaptavist ScriptRunner

PHP Scripts with JIRA REST API

Searching for issues We can use the search API available at http://example.com/rest/api/2/search with the JQL “created > -1d”. <?php //pull in login credentials and CURL access function require_once("utils.php"); //create a payload that we can then pass to JIRA with JSON $jql = array( 'jql' => 'created > -1d' ); /*define a function that calls the … Continue reading PHP Scripts with JIRA REST API