At the time of writing this post, the state M Ξ T A P L Ξ X is basically at being a virtual Mall hosted on a webpage, a virtual music performance which uses tokens as keys/tickets that unlock the webpage [A.I.F.X] and lastly a serie of tokenised, purchasable machine learning generated paintings [anotherRealiti]. Below you can read how these layers merge and about them individually in more detail.

The M Ξ T A P L Ξ X Mall

M Ξ T A P L Ξ X Mall interior

Currently, M Ξ T A P L Ξ X uses the M Ξ T A P L Ξ X Mall as the headquarters and as a portal dedicated to other constructs. It basically is a WebGL build made in Unity, literally in the form of an abandoned mall standing on a plane surrounded by a preset skybox. Inside there are stores that sell Keys/tokens by opening up new tabs in your browser to the dedicated store pages.

At the moment, we are working on integrating smart contracts to the Mall itself on a lower level and in more diverse ways. For example dividing the Mall to various stores, so they can be rented by other artists or game developers, there are few projects which resemble this idea such as Decentraland.

Construct A.I.F.X

A.I.F.X Construct 1
A.I.F.X Construct 2

Construct A.I.F.X is a small project dedicated to a re-create a music performance in a virtual domain and tokenise the access such as actual tickets you would buy to a concert. This time though, these tokens do grant a forever ownership of a construct where the performance takes place over and over again upon the request of key holder. This might be thought of as something relevant to internet art which are being sold in the form of URLs but this time the keys to grant a sort of stakeholdership as there are a limited number of keys in the world [this time 253].

Purchasable A.I.F.X Keys

The music itself was a deep learning experiment attempting to create Aphex Twin like melodies and a methodology to perform with these models. So, the creation of the track itself started as an attempt to create a model with a very low number of Aphex Twin melodies[~100 MIDI files]

Symbolic LSTM image

The track A.I.F.X is a part of the HYPER_HOLOGRAM, duo’s first major body of work in the form of a Live A/V, performed twice in 2018; Sonar Festival, TR and TodaysArt, NL. In this construct you can listen to a virtual performance of the track with the same title and interact with the environment.

First generation of A.I.F.X Keys has ~250 tokens. This means there are only ~250 Keys in the world that enable the access to the game/webpage.

Early stage of the virtual design

Generation 1 Keys smart contract ID is 0xb19a7BF69492fA2642f4774C8FA501AaF5C427d2

Also, the track [along with a bonus demo] has been released as a single;

How to play the game / enter the simulation?
Visit this link;

A.I.F.X Construct site

When you visit the dedicated webpage you’ll be directed to a webpage and you should see a Metamask notification requesting to connect to your account []. After you click ‘Connect’, the script behind will check the amount of tokens in your digital wallet and grant access to the construct if the amount of tokens is simply more than 0.

If you actually do have the required token [we’ll come back to this in a few paragraphs], a different version of the webpage where the text on the left changes to the ‘Access granted’ will be rendered. Also, the Unity build will start to load in the middle, once it finishes loading, you can go fullscreen as well by clicking the icon on the lower right side.

How does it work?
As briefly described above, this process simply triggers the Unity WebGL build to render when the conditions are met; when you enter the webpage the script behind it [built with web3.js and eth.js libraries] check the users wallet to see if you do have a A.I.F.X token which inherits from a given hash of the smart contract, if you do have it, the script triggers a different variable which initialises the Unity WebGL build. We’ve put console log’s if you want to see what happens behind the screen. Just inspect the page [right click/inspect on Chrome] and check the console for details, you should see the ID of the smart contract, your wallet ID, amount tokens you have and the status of access on the console.
If you have any questions about how to setup your digital wallet and start buying/trading in blockchain read our guide here.

If you want to check out the actual thing; here you can purchase Keys, visually each are represented as unique gifs [hypercubes] but function wise identical;

The current version of the store uses the embedded OpenSea distribution.
Updating it to use the OpenSea SDK is on the top of our to-do list.

Key 24
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