In large instances, the list of issues in the search view should be limited by the Administrator, as a consequence, the Excel export is limited too…. With this plugin, a new option is shown to export up to 10000 issues with the current fields of the current view, search or filter. VERY HELPFUL SURE 😉

Works in JIRA 6 & 7


Captura de pantalla 2016-04-12 a la(s) 19.27.28

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8 replies on “New plugin IS COMING! “Enlarge Your Excel Export”

  1. Hi Matt!! How are you?? Veeery good conceptualization!
    In my very large JIRA instance we have this configuration: = 100 = 10000 = administrators

    BUT in the “Excel export button” in JIRA 6 & 7 always has the limit to 100!!
    The people must do the “trick” with the URL to change the limit… I think this is an Atlassian botched job…

    With my plugin, a new option is shown with the limit more large (up to 10000) visible for all people, I am making some test and the instance works perfectly and do the exports very quick…

    Your comments are VERY WELCOME! Thanks again Matt! Hope you fine!


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