MrAddon JIRA plugins: Summer’17 News!

We start this summer'17 with two new version of our plugins for Atlassian JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud. Kanban Combined WIP for Jira Server Kanban Combined WIP for Jira Cloud Combine the WIP limits of the columns. Colorize in FULL COLOR all the cards of the JIRA Agile Boards. Make ZOOM IN and OUT to … Continue reading MrAddon JIRA plugins: Summer’17 News!


How to make massive changes in JIRA JQL filters

Imagine you want to change the name or the classification of the project "categories" in your JIRA projects... or names of customfields.... Then, a lot of JQL queries and filters will fail... ¿How we can change the JQL sentences in mode massive of all filters of JIRA? The only solution is making the change in … Continue reading How to make massive changes in JIRA JQL filters

WiderNet seeks Confluence savvy volunteer

Our small non-profit organization, which provides digital libraries to over 1,600 schools in developing countires, needs help migrating from an older Confluence to the latest version. It's all tied to our migration from Drupal to WordPress. For years we've pulled occasional articles out of Confluence to include them on our Drupal Web site using XML-RPC. … Continue reading WiderNet seeks Confluence savvy volunteer

New modes in Kanban Combined WIP for JIRA

We have good news! The new release of "Kanban Combined WIP" for JIRA is OUT! Now the JIRA Administrator can configure 3 modes of use! FUN (or empty, the default mode) to have animations and sounds in the boards! NOFUN to be more serious... without animations and sounds... NOTOOLBAR to remove the Kanban Combined WIP … Continue reading New modes in Kanban Combined WIP for JIRA

New Status Colors extension for Confluence (FREE)

What is New Status Colors for Confluence?   With this Confluence Server add-on, your users will see two colors more than the usual and bored "BLUE", "YELLOW", "GREEN" in the STATUSES of all the "JIRA Filters" or "JIRA Issues" inserted in all Confluence pages.  The two colors that this plugin allows are:   "ORANGE": For … Continue reading New Status Colors extension for Confluence (FREE)

New Groovy PostFunction Transition Linked Issue in STATUS X

This is the example code for a PostFunction to transition a linked Issue in status X to another status of the workflow. Very easy with Adaptavist Scriptrunner. See this code.

New Groovy PostFunction: Add fixed watcher on create issue transition

Here the sample code to add a fixed watcher on the create issue transition of a Workflow. Very easy and useful script! This is a script PostFunction of the Adaptavist Groovy ScriptRunner Atlassian JIRA Plugin. You can add, for example, a user linked to an email of a distribution list.

How to Export/Import Space in Confluence

Very easy! Go to your Confluence SPACE settings (Space Tools --> Content Tools) and Select "Export to XML" Then export to generate the .ZIP file Then go to the Confluence "Administration Page" and select "Import Spaces" Click in "Import Spaces" and upload your .ZIP file to Import. Link to Cloud Project isn't Mandatory let it … Continue reading How to Export/Import Space in Confluence

New Android App MrAddon (BlockChain Viewer)

BlockChain Viewer in Euros and American Dollars. Control Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. With this Android add-on you can control all time the price of the main virtual currencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Voxels, Steem, Dash, Ripple and Monero. Also you can see faster if the change is positive or negative. Also you can see … Continue reading New Android App MrAddon (BlockChain Viewer)

Where is the StatusPage of the Atlassian Services?

One year ago, Atlassian had purchased StatusPage. This is a "service" to know the status of all "Services" of a Company. Today I have asked in my Linkedin this "It seems that yesterday Atlassian, had some security problem and decided to reset the passwords of all users ... then the Authentication server was blocked all … Continue reading Where is the StatusPage of the Atlassian Services?