Configure Tomcat 9 for HTTP/2

The Goal of HTTP2 The goal of HTTP/2 is to increase the perceived performance of the web browsing experience. Why Do We Need HTTP2 A web page has many resources that need to be load. In HTTP 1.0 requests for all resources are sent all at once and the server responds to each request. If … Continue reading Configure Tomcat 9 for HTTP/2


Apache Tomcat Tricks

Cloud Servers Virtual Machines Native Installers Configuration file(s) /opt/bitnami/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml /opt/bitnami/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml install_dir/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml Log file(s) /opt/bitnami/apache-tomcat/logs/* /opt/bitnami/apache-tomcat/logs/* install_dir/apache-tomcat/logs/* Default port 8080, 8443 (SSL) 8080, 8443 (SSL) 8080, 8443 (SSL) AJP port 8009 8009 8009 System user account tomcat tomcat tomcat Service control sudo /opt/bitnami/ start|stop|restart tomcat sudo /opt/bitnami/ start|stop|restart tomcat install_dir/ start|stop|restart tomcat How to configure the … Continue reading Apache Tomcat Tricks