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2 replies on “FORUM Standalone Project Template for JIRA

  1. Hi,
    I am currently in JIRA S 8
    And I’m struggling a little with adding my js.
    At first it was small amount of code, I Just placed it in Script tags on the Annoucement Banner, but it’s getting more large as we need to do more things by javascript.
    I need to be able to load .js file but i cant make it wont work.
    I read i have to add it in a webresource. but i get lost in documentation searching on google, due to the big amount of versions of jira and how it changed by the time.

    Can you point me the goo direction?
    If you coul just point me the steps in order to get a *.js file be loaded on a general context.. in Jira 8,with the name and path to the exact *.xml file, also dont know if I need to restart jira to see if it loads the resources and keep trying like that…
    I’ll be so thankful.


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    1. Hello Adria,

      In my opinion, the best option is do a simple plugin for Jira. It’s very easy!
      Just download this repo:

      Modify the file

      Remove the content of the file and place your javascript code here (in the com.mraddon.enchantments.js file)

      After this, download and install the Atlassian SDK:
      Atlassian Marketplace: Atlassian Plugin SDK – Windows
      Atlassian Marketplace: Atlassian Plugin SDK – Mac OS X

      Go to the root folder (that contains the pom.xml file) with the command line
      and do atlas-run in the command line

      After the compilation you will see a “target” folder with your JAR. Use this file to install the plugin as usual in Jira Add-ons page



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