Protected: Mastering Jira Training Documentation

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NeoLink: The MetaMask for NEO

NEO is much more than a Chinese Ethereum… Faster transactions Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance…as consensus Safe from Quantum computers… Multi-language support for Smart-Contracts (Solidity, Java, C, Python) NEP5 Tokens (like ERC20 Ethereum Tokens) Owners of NEO get paid in the form of GAS tokens (like a dividend) And… now with NeoLink browser interface (something like…

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MetaMask for Ethereum Classic

MetaMask only supports officially Ethereum and the Ethereum Testnets, but you can use a branch of MetaMask to use it with Ethereum classic. (You can download from here) See here also the code of the new development of ClassicMask. If you don’t know the history between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, you can read the Dexaran interview here.…

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