New Groovy PostFunction: Add fixed watcher on create issue transition

Here the sample code to add a fixed watcher on the create issue transition of a Workflow. Very easy and useful script! This is a script PostFunction of the Adaptavist Groovy ScriptRunner Atlassian JIRA Plugin. You can add, for example, a user linked to an email of a distribution list.


How to publish a Google Sheets Chart in a Confluence page

Very easy, see this steps In the Google Sheets charts, click on "Publish Chart" --> "Publish" Copy the URL Then, in your Confluence page, insert a "New Macro" --> "HTML" Insert an with "src" attribute and fill it with the URL See this example:

New Issue Card Printer for JIRA

With this JIRA add-on you can take more advantages in your Agile processes. This add-on was created to synchronize the physical board with the computer board (JIRA Rapidboard) through the print of the issues transformed in beautiful cards (to stick it in the real board.) To allow this (the possibility to print the issues as … Continue reading New Issue Card Printer for JIRA

Now Jirasupport is MrAddon!

Good morning Jira addicts! 🙂 It's an enormous pleasure for me to present my new company based on Barcelona, called MrAddon. In this company, we will provide IT solutions based in the main Atlassian components and services like JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, HipChat, Crowd,etc. and the most famous JIRA plugins like Tempo Timesheets,  Adaptavist ScriptRunner, Moresimp … Continue reading Now Jirasupport is MrAddon!

Permissions based on Workflow Status in JIRA

In the Workflow transition properties you can set diverse permissions restrictions like this: jira.permission.comment.denied=true/false jira.permission.modifyreporter.user=username jira.permission.delete.projectrole=10000 jira.permission.subtasks.delete.projectrole=10000 jira.permission.close.user=username jira.issue.editable=false ... You can see more permissions and terminology in this link  

New plugin for JIRA: New Status Colors FREE

New colors for two kind of status [red] for "Cancel" or "Cancelled", "Suspend" or "Suspended", "Reject" or "Rejected" and [orange] for "Wait" or "Waiting", "Hold", "On Hold", "Pause" or "Paused". Only you need to create the new status using this names.(containing one of this words,i.e. for word "Waiting": "Waiting for Customer", "On Waiting", ...). This … Continue reading New plugin for JIRA: New Status Colors FREE

SSO with JIRA & Confluence (Really Trusted Apps) with CROWD and LDAP

1.       Configure CROWD Define in CROWD in the internal directory this groups (with the CROWD UI): confluence-administrators crowd-administrators site-admins system-administrators … something group with the same name such as JIRA/Confluence teams New internal directory in CROWD with the JIRA & Confluence internal users and assign the groups. ( this step must be done automatically importing directly the users … Continue reading SSO with JIRA & Confluence (Really Trusted Apps) with CROWD and LDAP