To group all components which match a name, for example “Arte”, we can define a new calculated member in dimension “Project” using function Aggregate().

    [Project].[Component].CurrenthierarchyMember.Name MATCHES "(?i)arte")

In the screenshot example, we can see a lot of components from all projects called “Arte” or “arte”, to know the Estimated time by week by component (in this case the component is shared between projects and for this reason we must aggregate them).


Then after apply the new calculated measure in the Project dimension, we can see the result expected. But, there is a problem, we need the Original Estimated hours measure in the start date of the ticket (that is a JIRA custom field imported in eazyBI), and not in the issue creation date. How we can solve this?

We need to create a new Calculated field for Original Estimate value (in the General eazyBI seetings).

# Original Estimated hours as custom field to link to Time by other dates
name = "Original Estimated hours"
data_type = "decimal"
measure = true
javascript_code = '''
if (issue.fields.timeoriginalestimate ) {
  issue.fields.customfield_oe = issue.fields.timeoriginalestimate / 3600.0;

After save the settings in the import options we can select the custom field “Original estimated hours” to be imported as a measure.

After data import, we will have new custom measure “Original Estimated hours with Start date” available for our report.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-18 a las 18.20.11

Thanks again to eazyBI support!

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