First you must read this trick:

After this, try to:

  • Just export a CSV of the issues you need to update. Add a “resolved date” column, populate dates, then import into JIRA as Admin via External System Import.
    • Note1: If you CSV contain more than one project, then export the column “Project” (to see in the CSV the columns Project Name and Project Key)
    • Note2: Remember to do not map the “IssueId” column, you must only map the “IssueKey” column to update.
    • Note3: Remember to extract in the CSV the “IssueId“, the “IssueKey” and “Summary“, “Resolution” columns.
    • Note4: Make sure to set the date formatting to match in CSV and import tool
      • e.g. 30/02/2012 10:19 with a date mask of dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm


Other example:

  • How to change the issue creation date using CSV import (link)

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