New modes in Kanban Combined WIP for JIRA

We have good news! The new release of "Kanban Combined WIP" for JIRA is OUT! Now the JIRA Administrator can configure 3 modes of use! FUN (or empty, the default mode) to have animations and sounds in the boards! NOFUN to be more serious... without animations and sounds... NOTOOLBAR to remove the Kanban Combined WIP … Continue reading New modes in Kanban Combined WIP for JIRA


How to know the location to insert a fragment in JIRA

With ScriptRunner is very easy! IMPORTANT NOTE: YOUR JIRA INSTANCE MUST BE A NON-PRODUCTION SERVER Go to "Cog icon-->Add-ons-->SCRIPTRUNNER-->Script Fragments-->Click in "enable" phrase" You will see then the "debug" mode... (more info)