Haven’t had enough of Mr.Addon in Sulpicius Gallus M? Well now, in this fantastic second part, you will be able to create your own levels!

Create your own adventure in Mr.Addon Game Maker!

You will see a lot of new things and it will be a lot of fun! Fight or create your own levels, worlds and more! Replace the world of Mr.Addon with your own, as if you had developed it yourself and effortlessly!

Now with Mr.Addon Game Maker you can add everything you can imagine: spikes, fixed platforms, diamonds, coins, teleportation portals, rotating platforms, drawbridges, power-ups and a large number of enemies to choose from: flying “brain” aliens , mechanical reptiles, replicating cyborgs and spiky worker octopuses.

Check out this video made by a 9 year old boy in Spanish about the game 🙂

Soon it will be on STEAM and Google Play Store!

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All the best!

By MrAddon


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