eazyBI is a powerful BI solution that allows you to collect, analyze and present data from various sources including Jira, Git repositories, databases, REST endpoints and even Excel spreadsheets.

In this course, you’ll learn the main underlying principles of eazyBI such as data source connections, eazyBI accounts, cubes and calculated measures. You’ll learn how to build your own reports and you’ll get an unique opportunity to get advice and expert feedback from our experienced trainer.

LEVEL 1: eazyBI with Jira. Basic concepts

– Duration: 4h
  • JIRA Common graphs and charts / basic reporting
  • eazyBI main concepts and basic examples
  • Touch the power of the Business Intelligence
  • Data model
  • Terms and concepts
  • Measures and dimensions

LEVEL 2: eazyBI with Jira for Reporting professionals. Advanced concepts

– Duration: 4h
  • Create reports and charts with eazyBI advanced concepts
  • MDX Language and calculations
  • Real cases and complex examples like KPI’s , SLA’s, Lead Time calculation
  • Installation and setup
  • How to administer eazyBI cubes, account users and roles

LEVEL 3: Mastering eazyBI.

– Duration: 4h
  • eazyBI advanced import options, javascript and debugging
  • eazyBI with Databases
  • eazyBI with REST Endpoints
  • eazyBI with Excel
  • eazyBI with Deiser Profields
  • eazyBI with Groovy Scriptrunner
  • eazyBI dashboards and Jira dashboards.
The training can be done in remote sessions or in-site in the Knowtech offices in Barcelona (inside the Glorias Comercial Center).
Send us a mail to get more info to raulpelaez@mraddon.com