The project consists of a website made with HTML / Javascript / PHP where people can subscribe by entering their email and using MoneyButton (which requires using a bit of Bitcoin SV). Once the subscription payment is made, a ticket is created in a Jira in a public project where all orders and their status are registered. Jira allows you to track orders thanks to Workflow mechanisms. The records in Jira can be public for projects where transparency is indispensable or private for commercial projects. In addition, the Jira installed includes the eazyBI software for the generation of graphs, statistics and reports.

The project can be seen at:

To the BSV Community

I am sorry I could not physically attend the event. I hope you had a great time!

About the HackathonBSV

Specific event for software developers: Mini-Hackathon BSV in Barcelona August 2019 For the first time that several BitcoinSV developers meet physically in Spain, and in addition to the contact that this meeting entails, we would like to carry out several challenges During the weekend, the objective is to be able to create a VERY SIMPLE application that is capable of covering a real problem of ordinary people in a very short time, in order to generate transactions and a small billing for the team that is capable of creating it . An almost impossible challenge !!!!!

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