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After the great success of yesterday’s post:

I have decided to make a kind of second part, getting hooked on the theme that I left “halfway”, and it is the possibility of uploading “ad eternum” files in the Blockchain, specifically in Bitcoin SV that has pioneered this aspect, demonstrating that already It is possible to upload large files (see news a few months ago).

After getting tired of using the alternatives proposed by Ethereum when uploading files, specifically IPFS (the famous Interplanetary FileSystem decentralized system), I decided to look for another solution, and coincidentally, MoneyButton together with BicoMedia have created the perfect combination to this famous problem of «Upload files ad eternum to the internet network» using the Bitcoin SV network.

People, from what I have been able to verify, have a wrong concept of what IPFS is, they think it is something “magical” that will keep the files indestructibly forever … but that is NOT TRUE. To begin with, IPFS is not a blockchain network … it is “something else” and yes, it is decentralized. I have done many tests with IPFS, I have set up servers and I have made scripts to load files. The problem is the following, if you have uploaded a file and then consult it and for some reason your IPS server fails, “possibly” you will have a copy of the file on another IPFS node … but, those files will expire if the node (own server) It does not rise in a certain time. In addition, if you upload the file to IPFS, nobody consults it, and your node falls … bad roll, your files will not be available, since no node will have copied it … in short, IPFS is not what they say it is.

Here you have some IPFS post I did a while ago:

On the other hand, the combination of MoneyButton with BicoMedia on the Bitcoin SV network becomes a totally pleasant experience to upload those files, in addition to the guarantee that they will REALLY be “ad eternum”… not as in IPFS.

How do we upload the files to the Blockchain?

The first thing is to register on the web of moneybutton.com, the UX of the app is fantastic and makes us have a very good user experience. Very easy and intuitive.

Once discharged, we will have to spend some money (BSV) to be able to do tests. I spent 0.01 BSV (= 1 EUR), that’s enough.

Now we have to see what file we upload. I have started with something very simple, for example, with the MrAddon logo. The file occupies about 20KB

Then we enter the web https://add.bico.media/ and upload the file.

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-19 a las 15.58.56

It will tell us the price of the transaction (in this case 2 cents) and we will slide to pay and go!

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-19 a las 15.59.29

Here the link to the uploaded file:



By the way, you will get an alert message once the file content is preloaded, since we are talking about a new paradigm. All the files you upload must have their rights, since they will be “ad eternum”. Be very careful with this!

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-19 a las 15.58.43

I remember that not long ago, they tried to accuse the MoneyButton platform and at the same time Bitcoin SV of people who have misused, uploading illegal content (see news). This problem logically is not only of BSV, but Bitcoin SV has been the first stone or first touch to the governments that this whole new paradigm must be legislated. Something that is already beginning to exist and really be used … something that will be difficult to censor or perhaps impossible.

What happens if I upload larger files?

What will happen is that it will be divided into small pieces (transactions) and we will have to pay for each piece. For example, if you want to upload a book in PDF (which you are the author and you have the rights), which occupies about 9MB will be divided into 100 pieces and you will have to pay for each of them (in this case they were about € 11, with 0.01BSV = € 1). The good thing is that it works very fast!

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-19 a las 16.09.24

Greetings and enjoy the summer!

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