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In this example we want to try to build/compile the App for Apple Iphone devices, then we need first some prerequisites:

  • iMac or MacBook updated with Xcode software installed
  • iPhone or iPad updated
  • Apple Developer/Distribution License (it costs about 99€/year) More info here.

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If we have all prerequisites done we are ready to start!

Just go to and sign-in

After this, go to “My Apps


Click on “+” button and select “New App”


We need to Register the new Bundle ID for the App


We need to create the new Certificates


One for the new App to test, in this case we have created one for “MrAddon SupportApp.


We can create also a new certificate for Development.


Just download and install in your iMac or MacBook and after this EXPORT again (in format .p12)



Now we need to create a new “Provisioning” for Development “file”.

And to create the new certificate, we need to enable another certificate for your iPhone or iPad DEVICES. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to your MacBook or iMac. Open after this iTunes!…. once the device is ready to operate with iTunes you can obtain the UIID of the device and use it to enable development IPA files in your Phone.


Now we can continue with the Development Certificate.


Just download the file!

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And now we are ready to BUILD/COMPILE the App in PhoneGap!


Insert the two files (the p12 file and the provisioning file) and set the password and download the IPA App file! You are ready to start the test!


Just open iTunes again (with your iPhone or iPad connected) and drag the file to the Phone, that’s all! The IPA App file will be installed in your phone!


In the next post we will explain how to publish/distribute the App on the Marketplaces!

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