I know: eazyBI is the tool for reporting and for BI in Jira. OK. I agree. In this post I will evalutate some alternatives :D. I think it’s better have more possibilities in own life 🙂

SumUp for Jira Server and Cloud – Decadis AG

This addon provide some interesting gadgets for Jira . Using it in your dashboard you can summarize all issues information you need, like this sample I use to track my invoice 🙂 (of course, I’ve covered the digits of invoices :-P)

This is a solution to summarize, with grouping field, some results. SumUp have several gadgets which do this job. There are also others gadgets included. 🙂

Time Report for Jira Server and Cloud by Prime Timesheet

If your need  is: show time spent in a gadget; you need  Time Report, as shown in following image:

where it’s possible see all the time spent grouped by (in this sample) Component/s field but it’s possible choose anything you need.

Result are …

… in reall time (refresh every 15 minutes), so we don’t need import data in a specific server. This is very important :P.


obviously …

.. all private information are covered :P.



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