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5 replies on “FORUM Description & Comment Templates for JIRA

    1. Hi Krzysztof, yes you are right. The templates can’t be shared between users, but is easy to create an Issue with the template and copy it as Template for the rest of users. Remember, we do not store information in Jira, the templates are saved in Browser-cookies. Many thanks for your review! Very useful!


  1. When I create an issue with a template that I set beforehand, that template is reset and returns to default.
    I don’t do cash clear or something but why does it happen?
    I have to set a template again every time so far.

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    1. Hello Amy,
      The description template plugin uses your usual browser cookies to set the content of the templates. If you remove the cookies of your browser, the content of the templates will be reset. Is in plan to change the way to save the templates in the future, but for the moment, the functionality is using cookies.
      Hope this solve your question


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