Captura de pantalla 2018-06-03 a las 13.33.41International rock & indie festival Primaver Sound has landed in town, kicking off the season festival in Barcelona, and regorging the city of music lover tourists.

We had the chance to be invited to the day pro conferences about music and tech ecosystem’s evolution.

2018 edition was taking place in the CCCB, with concerts showcase outdoors all day, and pro conferences inside, Primavera Pro’s venue is definitly a key asset to set up the day pro as perfect and friendly place to work and exchange about the new challenges in the music industry nowdays !

After an important year for the blockchain industry, they offer us 2 days of conferences about this technology and applications already in test mode. The quality of the key speakers and moderated table was great and it was great to finally meet up so famous world key actors of the new era technology.

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So blockchain is here to disrupt, trust, anonymous ID, fast transactions, right property, all the matters we are facing since the start of Internet, but blockchain should bring with him its revolutionary encryptation and decentralizaed distribution, that make this new system nearly more revolutionary than the Internet itself. Peer2peer is now an old term, decentralization is the new one and the future ! With the database system hosted in the proper network, all the infos are encrypted in all the computers connected to the network and they all redistribute the info adding trust, anonymoust and property… Revolutionary !!!

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In the music industry, artists, label production companies and many other keys actors of the system want to distrupt the way to do things, want to share their knowledge, want to bring more transparency and fairness in the industry they love. Business models as well will be disrupted even if “it’s hard to find one in the open source world”.

Of course we want to disrupt the music with our fresh way of thinking ; doing it stressing the keys players, the big players, the old influencers and the real middlemen, and fully involved in the deal to change our industry: the good, right and fair music industry !

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No matter the industry, the value chain can be improve with blockchain, each actor can find a way to do things better, but all the new fair way to do things should be integrate and compatible with the rest of the system, so everybody should fairly be transparent toward the rest of integrators.

Fair ! It should be fair ! Blockchain developers are “employed by multinationals from biggest industries than music” and this could make dificult to find good and experienced tech profiles needed to embrace the inovation. Old players want to keep their margins from older calcul method, and want to keep data and copyright matters in the small room that they manage the key ; but as everybody is coming to knock the door, you need to manage to have a coffee with all of them 😉

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(This post is the continuation of Understanding Blockchain & its Applications | Reflections on Primavera Pro 2018, two points of view. (Part 1))







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