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4 replies on “FORUM New Status Colors for JIRA & Confluence

  1. This add-on claims to provide an orange color for Waiting or Paused statuses, and Red for Canceled, but after installing it, I am still only provided with Open, In Progress, and Done statuses (Blue, Yellow, and Green). Where do I go to find the Waiting and Canceled statuses?


    1. Hi Michael,
      The plugin works different. You must create statuses with names like “WAITING xx” , “CANCELLED” and when you see the tickets the status will be of red or orange color. just this. The new color is just a visual trick (in the workflow and the statuses config page the color remains with the original Jira standard). You can see this video


  2. Will this add-on create global changes across Jira or can it be utilized by only specific projects and not affect Jira as a whole? Meaning, would preexisting statuses such as ‘on hold’ or ‘waiting on vendor’ pick up the color change or is it dependent on creating new statuses with the same naming convention within a specific project?


    1. Hello Tim,

      The add-on create global changes across Jira, all statuses that contains “WAITING” word (like “WAITING ON VENDOR”) will be colorized as Orange in the Isues UI, filter UI, Dashboards, etc in Jira (except in the Workflow design). If you create new statuses with “WAITING” name, they will be automatically colorized.

      Hope this answer your question
      Best regards


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