Very easy with a simple example, you only need a text editor or notepad…

Create a new file called “atlassian-connect.json

This example creates a button in the Agile Rapid Board of JIRA Cloud and create a link to this blog.

"key": "com.example.buttonAgileBoard",
"name": "Button Example on the Agile Board with a link to this blog",
"version": "1.0",
"description": "Example",
"vendor": {
"name": "Raul Pelaez",
"url": ""
"baseUrl": "https://url_mandatory_to_the_ftp_of_the_file_atlassian_connect/",
"authentication": {
"type": "none"
"modules": {
"webSections": [
"key": "board-links",
"location": "",
"weight": 10,
"name": {
"value": "Example Button"
"webItems": [
"location": "board-links",
"weight": 200,
"styleClasses": [
"url": "",
"context": "product",
"target": {
"type": "page"
"tooltip": {
"value": "Link"
"icon": {
"width": 16,
"height": 16,
"url": "/icon.png"
"name": {
"value": "Link"
"key": "install"

Replace the https://url_mandatory_to_the_ftp_of_the_file_atlassian_connect/ by your URL… you can use for example Github to push the repository and “serve online” the file atlassian-connect.json ( you must select on Github the RAW option in the file to see the URL to use).

Then use this URL to install your Addon in your JIRA Cloud in Development mode

Very easy and useful!

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