Imagine you want to change the name or the classification of the project “categories” in your JIRA projects… or names of customfields….

Then, a lot of JQL queries and filters will fail… ¿How we can change the JQL sentences in mode massive of all filters of JIRA?

The only solution is making the change in the database… but, as always, remember to make a backup of your entire database previously

Example of SQL sentence to replace the JQL of all filters:

  • update searchrequest set reqcontent = replace(reqcontent, ‘Address’, ‘cf[12345]’);

(References: See this post of the Atlassian Community)

Another typical question is … ¿How to change the owners of these filters massively?

  • We can use the famous JIRA plugin “Adaptavist Scriptrunner”

It has a “Built-in script” very useful called “Change dashboard or filter ownership

(References: See this post of the plugin documentation)


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