In my job experience I saw several problems and strange situation. In this post we examine some of this situations and how we  solve them .  In this post we discover some interesting tricks 😉

Using Jira as user management in Confluence

As shown in this documentation, we can use Jira Server as user management in Confluence Server. In this case, we have no problem in several situations. Only one set of user to manage, no problem with permission in using Confluence as KB repository in Jira Service Desk. As usually said: S P E T T A C O L O (I know. I’m Italian). 😛

Risultato immagini per Gioia

But what happen if we cannot do login in Confluence? This is he scenario: We can do login in Jira but not in Confluence. I’ve experience this situation during an update of Confluence. Very Sad 😦

How restore the normal situation? Well. Let me explain what we can do.


First check is: take a look to log file of Confluence and see if there are some errors. This helps us to understand which strategy use in solve the problem.

Risultato immagini per Atlassian log file trace

Recover admin mode

We can use a recovery admin user, as show in this community article . In this case in Confluence is available a special admin user we can use to login and check what happen. Following the article, we can define the password.

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Just add a configuration in Tomcat ( file) and we can do a login with recovery_admin. So we can examine configurations and modify them. Only a note: use only for a small time. Some features are limited and better disable this after the problem is solved.


In some case, we have to access directly to Confluence database, because we have to change the configuration of User directory. Thanks this article, If we need change the User Directory attributes, just check and update data inside this table: cwd_directory_attribute;

In my experience, my need was: change User Directory URL;  I used this SQL instruction:


update cwd_directory_attribute set attribute_value = https://<domain&gt;.com’ where attribute_name = ‘crowd.server.url’;

to change information and, after a service restart …. User Directory will reference the correct URL and I was able to to login without any problem.


Main suggestion

I know this is expensive, but I suggest to all administrator: CREATE A INTERNAL ADMIN USER (Both for Confluence and Jira) we can use in this situation.



I’ve discovered that exists Recovery_mode in Jira too and we can enable it at the same way described for Confluence. Here the Official Article of Atlassian .


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