In this post, we have seen how customize PORTAL, the request lists and so forth. Let me introduce another way to customize PORTAL with another addon.

We have seen ….

…. how customize some part of PORTAL:

  • Fields of each request
  • new fields shows in request list
  • announcement banner
  • graphic layout

However, Atlassian ecosystem change every day and new addons are available. In fact, we see others addon which help us in PORTAL customization.

Theme Extention for Jira Service Desk

I’ve seen others addon of Hexygen Inc and I’ve describe some of them in my Italian Blog. This addon allow create a new graphical layout of PORTAL like this image.

Aurora card style can be used for a machinery rental store

or like this layout

The Event Horizon card can be beautified with photos to complement a travel agency Customer Portal

So if the customer need specific layout, color and so forth (In Italy some companies use a specific color as own logo)., we can help them in this.

For more information see Marketplace page.

That’s all folks?

NO!!!! We discover another interesting addon. Do you remember Ultimate Theming for Jira Service Desk  ? well now is available another addon which help us customize only Requests lists. Ultimate Requests (for JSD Server)

As shown in following image:

Add additional fields to your requests!

an very intuitive interface help us. We can add a lot of custom fields. Unlikely, we cannot add any field of Jira, but all the custom fields are available.

The result is FANTASTIC

The list showing 2 more fields, with CSV export enabled.

By Artigiano Del Software

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