I’ve always wondered,

Now that Atlassian is a publicly traded company, will it become like the rest of the horrible Titan companies? (I mean those who squeeze to earn more money year after year, doing anything crazy, even destroying their own ecosystem that has taken years to build)

We have seen some strange movements with Hip Chat, Stride and then the purchase of Slack’s participations (I have always recommended Slack!). We have also seen that Atlassian Cloud is increasingly different than its Jira Server version, which is making us (the consultants) a mental fork, you know, in Jira Server this is available, in Jira Cloud no, it has become a mess, It is like suffering the Mandela Effect permanently! 😀 (link)

On the other hand, they evolve too fast and give too much importance to the UX (link) and very little to the real functionality. Navigating through Jira Cloud made me dizzy since the total UX change was made. (By the way, we should propose in change.org that the old UX of Jira Cloud returns!). Please SLOW DOWN!

I remember not long ago making a post about how the obfuscation of Jira Cloud code has affected all my customizations … (link)

So … What would happen if the Atlassian ecosystem disappears?

Currently they are the evangelizers of the supposed Atlassian values. What would happen if the extensions/add-ons/apps are left orphaned, without updates? I think it’s an interesting question that would mark the decline of something that has already reached its maximum punch.

So, what would happen if we combine the new world that is emerging in the blockchain community called DAO or DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and someone considers it opportune to make a Jira Open Source version, that is to say a fork of Jira (as it happens with bitcoin for example) .

I think the Atlassian ecosystem could always survive in a competitive and healthy environment, just like Open JDK, Android, and imagine…a new Open Jira? A DAO of Atlassians?

What future do you think awaits Atlassian?

By MrAddon

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