Today we have an incident from a MrAddon client indicating that for a few hours they could not see the colors of the statuses … the strange thing is that it had only stopped working in the queues of Jira Service Desk.

Testing in our test instance, we realize that Atlassian has updated the Jira Cloud version with a new UX for the Jira Service Desk part.

It has been a very bad surprise to note that Atlassian has decided to obfuscate the CSS code right in the ticket queue part of Jira Service Desk! …Why???? That way, no “Augmented Reality” plugin will work.


It’s curious because.. it only happens in the “user” part, not in the admin view…

User view:


Admin view:


I think it has been a very bad decision of Atlassian to obfuscate Jira’s web code, we hope that they will reconsider and go back to the good address, the open source address. Without concealment, as it was before.

If this continues, almost all our plugins will stop working and we will have to stop being part of the Atlassian ecosystem, just when they have made us Top Vendors…

By the way, divide into social classes (Top Vendor Platinum, Gold, …) what was once Verified Vendor has been a hard blow. We never thought that Atlassian was a classist.

We trust Atlassian’s ability to improve all these aspects and thus strengthen the Atlassian ecosystem where many people like us (the MrAddon team) have always been very comfortable.


By MrAddon Team


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