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We would like to know if we can configure more than one email channels for one service desk project. This is because we would like to create three channels to attend issues in the same project.”


By default in JSD you are only allowed to have a single email address (Channel) associated with a each service desk project.  You can however use email aliases to point to the service desk email allowing you to have multiple email addresses.

For example you might have a service desk configured to use and then point two aliases and to  …This is what we do and is the only work around at this time (15 december 2017).

Some comments:

I’ve tested the scenario you described above with two Gmail accounts and mail forwarding is the answer here, mailbox alias address would not work with JIRA since alias address overwrites the original recipient mailbox address when the email arrives.

So all in all, if I have 10 mailboxes and another mailbox for JIRA Service Desk, I would create forwarding rules to each of the ten mailboxes and then I could use the Participant added -automation. (30 jan 2019)

About the Automation rule:

The aliases come in as a request participant on the email request.  We just use the following automation rule to capture it and then add a component for the proper queue.



Some notes and info about Who receives Service Desk notifications (link)


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