Blockchain is here to stay, what’s your next step?

To conclude the crypto-year, we can say that everybody is now looking for the next killer-app with real life use case. A lot of companies are now looking forward, are assessing integrating blockchain technologies into their innovation and other plans. Alongside this many Institutions and public administrations are creating acceleration incubators taking advantage from these early competitive benefits.

Over the next few years, we should see new regulation and financial laws becoming fixed. This should frame the ecosystem to allow greater involvement of local innovative agents, entrepreneurs, hubs, technological incubators and finally allow users to better understand the use and the challenges associated with this new economy.

Even when considering that large corporations will benefit from blockchain tech before other smaller players, this blockchain tech, along with the cryptocurrencies built onto it, are poised to replace many systems that showed us agility and process optimisation in the past. In this regard, the digitalisation of the economy and active (or passive) token creation (small parts of a good or service divided into pieces) aims to replace and revolutionise acquisition, possession and the transference of any products or services.

All participants in the IOT and Blockchain congress last week in Barcelona, were clear that adoption pushes this technology not only through the marketing department, but that also necessitates more understanding and cooperation from state institutions, more transparency on the part of the main actors and more focus on its international dimension. 

Luckily we have an open and collaborative ecosystem here in Spain and so we can expect some sort of collaboration; but not all companies know or want to publicise their interests so currently there is a veil of secrecy, which could slow down innovation due to people keeping their discoveries secret. We are not saying that the majority sell smoke but we are still in an observation phase where here the slogan “be first“ does not apply.

After 3 intense days of presentations, demoday and networking, we can consider the first edition of IOT Congress in Barcelona as pretty successful, the quality of attendants and presentations shows that IOT and blockchain technologies will change the landscape of our future cities. Will it be in favour of citizens who live in those cities, or in favour of a system that always includes but does not integrate?

By Ankonan team

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