In this post we will examine how to share information using Atlassian products. Let’s start 🙂


First of all, what we can share in Jira? Easy answer. An Issue. We can share an issue with others users, internal or external.

As described in this page of Jira documentation, we can share a issue with Jira user or (exact words)  or any email addresses. 

This means it’s possible share information with all persons 😀 but there are several ways. Let’s explore marketplace :)…. and we find Share Your Jira.

which extend the functionality.

As shown, we have also the history of sharing. very good features.



Same way: what we can share in Confluence? A page. We can share a page with others users, internal or external. Now we see how to do it 😀

We can use out-of-the-box functionality of Confluence and Share the page URL

But I can share more …. using specific Addons. I’ve talk about very important one : ShareIt, a Comalatech Addon which allow share page to NOT-Confluence-Users 😛

the result is ……. F A N T A S T I C or, if I can use this expression, S P E T T A C O L O :-D. I’ve written a review, in Italian, about it and the result is …. WOOOOW.

Page is shared (for a limited period of time, you can set this) and can see information and attachments 😀


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