New version, new features and new experience. Let’s explore Jira 7.12.

New Features

We can examine not configured custom fields. Just scanning custom fields and obtain the not configured and …. manage it

So we can optimize custom fileds easily. But there is another feature:

custom fields page is changed and now is more clear.

Filters are important

We know: filters are important in every day life of Jira ninja. So we can obtain better result using that. Well, we can obtain more information now, as shown in following figure:

Copying the index to other nodes (Jira Software Data Center)

Index is the core of search. In Data Version instances we have take care of it and now we can copy from a node to another.

Kanban board

We can disable the Days in column indicator. Just go Cog icon( ) >  Applications > Jira Software configuration and disable the option. Easy 😀

and ….

… more information about 7.12 release, are available on this page of release notes.

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