In this post we will discuss about Notifications. We will see how we can manage and than how can extent the management 😉 Let’s go 😉


Out-of-the-box Jira have:
  • Standard Notification Scheme codename SPAMMER 😛 , because send email for all events 
  • That means: users have a email bombing every day: Someone change a issue –> email. Comment a issue –> email and so forth 
  • Create a new project using the standard notification scheme generate a …. issue, because people see Jira as a Spammer, not a solution.

So, which solution?

First of all, identify all situations where user need an email ping. Then, configure a specific Notification Scheme for this project: start from Default and remove all situation you don’t need. The result will help you .
Better use project roles in this case:
  • roles are specific for projects
  • limit sending mail to specific and limited set of users.


There are a lot of alternatives :). Let me introduce some of them. 🙂

Notification assistant for Jira

is and addon which helps users send notification email based on JQL (my new book is ok for Italian users which wanna use this addon 🙂 )
And this is the email result
So, you can use this addon for notifications.  

Issue type notification schemes

This addon extents notification just adding new features.
allow manage different notification scheme for every issue type
well integrated addon, with dedicated masks
Those are some examples. Check marketplace: every day a new addon rise and new functionalities are available for all us 😀
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