One year ago, Atlassian had purchased StatusPage. This is a “service” to know the status of all “Services” of a Company.

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Today I have asked in my Linkedin this

“It seems that yesterday Atlassian, had some security problem and decided to reset the passwords of all users … then the Authentication server was blocked all day and nobody enter yesterday. Also without Authentication you can’t put incidences … Who should contact in those cases? Where is the StatusPage of Atlassian? … It seems that yesterday they solved the problem in the afternoon … and I think they decided to pull a Backup, since I re-enter with the previous password. Do you believe that the procedure chosen by Atlassian is correct?”

And, the best answer is from Fabio Genovese of “Artigiano Del Software

Try this URL: There are some news about yesterday issues.”

Many many thanks Fabio!!

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