What is Support Admin Tools ?


With this JIRA add-on your JIRA Administrators will be more happier! This is an extension for your JIRA to automatize some typical admin actions, like search for custom field, for workflow, for DVCS repository, for IssueType, to put a countdown banner for maintenances purposes, to put fields in multiple screens in the same tab… very useful sure! We use it each day! No configuration is needed; only install it, that’s all! Plug’n’play.


First install the JIRA Cloud plugin. Once installed, go to the App Admin section of your Jira and you will see a “Jirasupport [SUAJ!]” option. Just click on it to install in your favorite browser (Only Google Chrome and Firefox are compatible for now).


Captura de pantalla 2018-12-26 a las 19.59.10

Once installed in Google Chrome, you will see Enabled the extension:

In the right part of the navigator tab of your Chrome browser, you will see plugin icon enabled:

Now your JIRA Administration Views are more POWERFUL! Now you will see the “Jirasupport [SUAJ!]” button in all views:

The “magic” button is enabled in all typical admin views:

In the Issue Type and Issue Type Schemes views:

In the Workflow and Workflow Scheme views:

In the Custom Fields, Field Configuration and Field Configuration Schemes:

In the Screens, Screen Schemes and Issue Type Screen Schemes:

In the Notification Schemes and Permission Schemes and in the DVCS repositories screen and more…:

Search like a boss and do the JIRA Admin tasks FASTER!

Now you can use the POWER of the magic “Jirassuport SUAJ!” button. Just click on it and search like a boss! The tool uses predictive text! It’s magic! Only start to write the object to search and press the ENTER key!

Search in the ACTIVE and INACTIVE schemes!

Is your workflow in the “inactive” section or in the “active” section?…. Don’t worry, the search button look in both sections!

Know easy the ID of the custom field you want, search EASY, config easy, create new fields EASY!

With this plugin all the usual actions in the CustomField screen are automatized. Search your field for the NAME or for the ID of CustomField! Click on [TOP] to search another time! Click on [CONFIG] to open a new tab in your browser with the CONFIG, the same for [DESCRIPTION] and [SCREENS] actions! Very powerful!

Search in the DVCS repositories like you want!

With this plugin you can search in the DVCS screen! WOW!

PUT a CustomField in the same tab in multiple SCREENS in one click! 

With this plugin you can check the tab automatically to put the CustomField in multiple SCREENS in the same place.