What is Enlarge Your Excel Export ?

In large instances, the list of issues in the search view should be limited by the Administrator, as a consequence, the Excel export is limited too… but don’t worry! With this add-on you will export more than ever!
With this plugin, a new option is shown to export up to 10000 issues in the JIRA Issue Search View ( or filter view ).
Very easy to install, no configuration is needed. Plug’n’play

Why you need this plugin ?

The maximum allowable value is dictated by the JIRA property ‘’ which is set to 1000 by default or less in big companies.
(Unfortunately it is not possible to change this value as it falls under customization which is not allowed in Atlassian Cloud.)

Installing this plugin to your JIRA Server, the limit will be 10.000 instead of the Default limit.

Where is the new Export button ?

The new button, called “Excel (C.Fields) All issues”, is near the usual “Export” buttons in the Issue Search view of your JIRA. Very easy and useful for all your users!

(In new Jira you can experience the problem of not seeing the option, but the work is in progress. Meanwhile the users of the previous Jira version can enjoy all the advantages of this add-on)