Today we will talk about a trick to fix a well-known problem in the Atlassian Jira world.

In this Community post we can see someone who has experienced it:

The solution to that problem can be found in this Atlassian ticket:

The bug occurs when trying to search for a screen using Jira’s native search bar within Screens.

Jira starts to think and after a few seconds it beeps indicating the following error:

We couldn’t load screens
We hit a glitch and couldn’t complete this operation. Try again.

This is supposed to be because one of the screens created contains its “Description” = NULL

Note that this has nothing to do with leaving it empty, since there are currently many screens with an empty description in the instance, but this does not break it, it refers to the fact that the DB contains NULL for description.

The work-around of all this is to verify through SQL if we really have screens with the NULL description in the DB and for that, (not having access to the DB) use an embedded SQL script in Groovy through the script console- runner.

Here the script:

import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor
import groovy.sql.Sql
import org.ofbiz.core.entity.ConnectionFactory
import org.ofbiz.core.entity.DelegatorInterface


import java.sql.Connection


def delegator = (DelegatorInterface) ComponentAccessor.getComponent(DelegatorInterface)
String helperName = delegator.getGroupHelperName("default")


def sqlStmt = """
select id from fieldscreen where description is null;


Connection conn = ConnectionFactory.getConnection(helperName)
Sql sql = new Sql(conn)


try {
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer()
sql.eachRow(sqlStmt) { it ->


sb.append( it.getAt("id") )
log.debug sb.toString()
finally {

This returned me the ID of a screen, which after editing any screen and modifying the ID in the link, I was able to enter it and put its own name in its description.

That’s all! I hope you liked it!

By Juan Martin Bortolazzo for MrAddon blog

(Certified Atlassian Expert in TecnoFor)


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