We found that many of our customers need to prioritize their tickets based on two factors coming from a business logic and not on the criteria of the user who opens the ticket or the agent who is attending it… and this is our Solution: Priority Matrix!

With this app, the goal is to simplify the user experience, empowering the users with role Project Admin the ability to make or modify the priority matrix in a friendly way through the project configuration and creating two separate fields in the Project level.

Depending on the need, one can be in the ticket creation which is filled in by the reporter (Urgency) and the other in the edition, which is filled in by the agent (Impact) or both can be available from the creation of a new Issue or editing an Issue.

In this way the Priority field is calculated automatically at each Urgency/Impact change and not at the user’s discretion.

👉 See this short 2-minutes video:

👉 Marketplace app listing/Download

👉 Plugin Priority Matrix documentation

MrAddon by TecnoFor


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