The new Kanban Combined WIP have arrived in your Jira Cloud, now with WIP by swimlanes and possibility to see merged or independent WIP by columns!

Now compatible with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox. See this video to know more:

Now with the Kanban Combined WIP App for Jira Cloud you can improve your Kanban boards in a very simple way, combining columns and WIPS, adding color and wallpaper to your board, in addition to WIPS by swimlane. It will allow you to zoom, scroll so you can see the board well on small laptop screens. Try it for free!

Combined WIP/Column WIP new “check”!

Now is possible to see the board with WIP combined in the merged columns, or just the WIP independent by column. Just use the “check” of the toolbar “C.WIP”



Link to the App in Atlassian Marketplace

Link to the Documentation & troubleshooting:

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