Today April 28th is a great day for the Atlassian community. The first DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) specialized in Atlassian tools and services has been born, and nothing more and nothing less than from the hands of several promising Spanish and Italian startups.

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO, also called Decentralized Autonomous Corporation or DAC, is an organization that is directed through rules encoded in computer programs called smart contracts. A financial transaction record of a DAO, as well as such rules, for example, would be managed through a blockchain network.

Thanks to the famous Italian Atlassian Partner “Artigiano del Software“, who for many years has helped large companies to use Jira and Confluence effectively, from Bologna and in collaboration with the Barcelonian “MrAddon“, known for being App Vendor in the Atlassian Marketplace, have reached an agreement with the company “SeviDev” from Seville (Spain) to make collaborations that help improve the group’s services on Atlassian tools and consulting.

The benefits of this collaboration are applicable to various areas, from the crossing of acquired knowledge, innovation to new methodologies, all of this being able to generate great benefits to its customers, providing much more added value, as well as greater scalability for when unforeseen or work peaks arise.

Being the first DAO poses many challenges, which will possibly be solved as time passes and the world adapts to new changes, and to the new industrial revolution 4.0 that occurs in these turbulent times. Will this DAO grow and thrive in pandemic times?

The winds of change are blowing…


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