Do you use components for all your projects?

If the answer is no, here you are a way to remove this option in your Project dimension.

Actually, this is a trick because you need to add a new dimension called Project where Components are not available to be drilled. Remember to add it as a Custom Field in the source Cube.

Lets go to implement…

First, add in “Advanced Settings” the following code

name = “Project only”
data_type = “string”
dimension = true
javascript_code = ”’
issue.fields.customfield_pronly =

“Update advanced Settings” and go to your cube.

Select “Project only” in your source cube.

The following picture shows the “after”.

The following picture shows the “before”.

I hope it helps!

Best regards.

Posted by:juanjomarchal

4 replies on “Remove Components in eazyBI

  1. Hi Juan, this article was very helpful and exactly what I was looking for. I have a question, is it possible to also include the Project Category within the custom New dimension “Project Only” and in addition have a hierarchy of Project Category follow by Project ?


  2. Hi, it’s not working…in the js-testpage, it gets the right results, in eazyBI Reports, only “(none)” is shown up…any hints? Thanks!


    1. It’s working for me…

      Did you use the following Java Script code within your eazyBI Settings under Advance Settings section?

      # eazyBI Custom Data Element to represent a Jira Project with no relationship to Jira Components
      name = “Project Only”
      data_type = “string”
      dimension = true
      javascript_code = ”’
      issue.fields.customfield_projectonly =;


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