In this post we will examine some information, stored in database, we can change directly from database. The scenario is clear: Your Atlassian instance (Confluence or Jira Server) don’t start and you have to modify information on database. Let me share this part of direct experience 😛

We can modify….

…. those information:

  • Base URL, as shown in this post.
  • If Confluence use Jira Authentication, Server name is stored on cwd_directory_attribute table. So, if there are some problem with authentication, take a look. For more information, this Atlassian Community Article can explain how use this table 
  • If you don’t remember the admin password or a customer ask you: HEEEEEELLLPPPP ME. My admin left me alone and I have to manage my instance. How I can record Admin password? This Atlassian Community Article explain how change password. I’ve talked about this in my Italian blog and I think this is a very useful tip to remember 😀

This post will be update every time I discover/use others tips about database.

By Artigiano del Software

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