In this post I wanna show other tricks for Confluence and Jira.  Let me introduce this topic.

Jira/Confluence starts at server boot on Linux

If we use standard setup, we can choose if own Jira/Confluence instance can be configured as a service. So when a reboot is required, service is restarted. This is the ideal world.

Risultato immagini per restart

In my experience, I saw several Jira deploy, using standard setup, where instance never restart at boot. Impossible, I think. Once service is configured by setup, all must work.  So what we can do to solve this situation?

Risultato immagini per solve problem

My suggestion is check service configuration and correct the situation. Let me show How I’ve solved the situation.

First check: Service Jira is enabled to be start at boot. Use this specific command on Linux:

systemctl status jira

Result is like this:

Should be present this output:

Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/jira; bad; vendor preset: enabled)

The word ENABLED means service is enabled for startup at boot. However, if another word is present, use this command:

systemctl enable jira

result is like this:

After this, service is enabled to start at boot. Just check the result using previous command.


By Artigiano Del Software

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