We know Trello and how easy is it. We can do a lot of thinks but So, when we have to migrate to Jira and wanna use the same features, well, we got a problem.

First of all

Migrate from Trello to Jira is not easy. Remember this: all Trello features cannot be migrated to Jira. For example, if we use a Trello Board with card linked to others Trello boards, well, this kind of link cannot be migrated and a lot of errors will be shown on log. Keep in mind.

After migration ….

… Jira is ready for use and first question to Atlassian consultants is: Where is my board of Trello Boards in Jira?

Atlassian Consultant answers: No Board of Boards in out-of the-box Jira. But The Atlassian consultant have a secret tip: Can use Deiser Profields. In fact, Profields addon have a specific page where we can obtain the list of all project and we can use it as a great replacement of Trello Board of Boards. And we can use filters and PQL language to filter :-D.

Risultato immagini per profields project list

By Artigiano Del Software

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