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Good morning community, today I would like to dedicate this post to talk a bit about Bitcoin SV, Moneybutton and its applications for people who want to accept payments on their websites.

These days I have been testing the Bitcoin SV network, and I must say that the transactions are practically instantaneous. The only problem I see is that not all Exchanges / Brokers sell Bitcoin SV (which I see as logical, given that if Satoshi Nakamoto is Craig Wright we could say that the “old” Bitcoin would be in danger … and I don’t think he likes that the “rich-gangsters” owners of Exchanges, etc)

For example, the Kraken Exchange, despite selling Bitcoin SV, has forced all its users to remove them from there (see news). That is, there are mafia “clashes” and not everyone wants to sell BSV (see list of exchanges that support BSV). Something similar happened to Bitcoin Gold (remember its philosophy of 1 CPU 1 VOTE and behind it is the largest manufacturer of ASIC machines … when Bitcoin Gold is mined with GPU … curious, isn’t it?) Which made some really strange movements (apart that received internal hacks from its developers, visible in the Bitcoin Gold code itself). In short, the fight between “Bitcoin’s” is palpable and evident, while “deadly” where it seems that they will not all survive (you just have to see the BTG road which is worth about $ 13 today).

Why do I think Bitcoin SV is the real Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has become very slow and unintelligible (in addition to centralized), which makes it very unattractive for new users, even for former users (not to mention that it hardly receives updates for its software because of the difficulty of approving changes by consensus without Real “leader”). All this has led us to “virtualize” as if a synthetic currency were the “Bitcoins“, in other words, there is a lot of Bitcoin in circulation that REALLY DOES NOT EXIST. All the good properties of Bitcoin have been gradually disappearing due to their little “mutability” (in addition to speculation). Bitcoin has become difficult to port (it forces us to practically go through an Exchange), it has been centralized in “farms” of miners (mostly in China) and its mining hardware has become “exclusive and expensive.” In other words, Bitcoin was a good “initial test”, but it can never be the definitive Digital Cash (but one of its evolutions probably is!).

Bitcoin SV catches my attention for several reasons:

  • The “Return to Genesis” update: It consisted of restoring the original Bitcoin protocols, that is, the original idea of Satoshi
  • Craig Wright has publicly declared himself to be Satoshi, and after studying it very carefully, I can say that he has a very high probability of being! I recommend reading
  • The update «Quasar«: It has been passed to a block size of 2GB (which allows to store files in the blockchain in a simpler way … then we will talk more about this detail), in addition that allows the transactions to be really very fast.

What is MoneyButton?

MoneyButton is a wallet that gives us access to the BSV blockchain of the Bitcoin network. It is completely without custody, so we are in charge of the “keys”, coins and financial sovereignty. MoneyButton works wonderfully as a peer payment tool with a simple and functional interface and a very easy to learn interface: we enter an address and swipe to pay. Simple.

What makes MoneyButton special? Well, the first thing we’ll notice with MoneyButton is that it gives beginners access to programmable tools for trading. Without any experience in JavaScript, CSS or HTML, a user can decide what they would like to receive, program a button for that purpose and have a money button ready to copy and paste anywhere on the Internet in less than sixty seconds. From tips, to a simple payment button on a blog or as the module to pay in your online store, MoneyButton is a flexible tool for e-commerce that accepts a multitude of Bitcoins and altcoins. With MoneyButton, a good developer can create monetized websites served from blockchain or even create applications and games powered by Bitcoin.

Testing MoneyButton

The first thing is to register on the web of moneybutton.com, the UX of the app is fantastic and makes us have a very good user experience. Very easy and intuitive.

Once discharged, we will have to spend some money (BSV) to be able to do tests. I spent 0.01 BSV (= 1 EUR), that’s enough.

Then I made some transfers, the truth is that it is very simple and powerful at the same time, with an email or username we can send money instantly!

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-18 a las 16.01.25

Now, let’s try to create a button to put it on our websites! For example, the mythical “Donate” button. To do this, we click and follow the instructions of the «Make a Money Button« button. Then with the HTML code that happens to us, we will have to modify it to tune it a bit and it will be ready to insert in the websites.

Basically there are 2 types of buttons. One with a fixed amount and another with an amount to donate “editable” (that is, to donate the will).

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-18 a las 13.53.05

Editable button example

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-17 a las 21.39.22

Check that the data-editable parameter is activated. On the other hand, it is very cool with MoneyButton, because in the data-button-data parameter we can add extra info of what we sell (for example the reference of a work of art, texts, etc.). Then that info will be visible in the transaction:

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-18 a las 13.51.36

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-18 a las 13.54.10

Example of a fixed quantity button

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-17 a las 21.38.51

Note that the data-editable param is disabled. On the other hand, in this example we have added several extra parameters to be able to capture the button events and make messages to the user or redirects to other pages once the payment has been completed. In the parameters data-on-payment, data-on-error, data-on-load, we can make calls to Javascript functions.

I must indicate that I have already started to put MoneyButton buttons on almost all my websites!

It was just the tool that I was looking for and that although I tried to use Ethereum at the beginning for it, the truth is that with Bitcoin SV I am now happier since it does not have the whole roll of Gas and in the end the issue of donations tokens not It is necessary, with Digital Cash is enough. I have also been able to see that MoneyButton buttons can make payment distribution in several accounts at the same time, something that can be very useful for example, in the world of intellectual property and music distribution.

I hope you liked the article! Now to continue enjoying the summer! A greeting!

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