In this post we will talk about Atlassian mobile apps, mainly about iOS. there are a lot of mobile apps (one is special because MrAddon create it: check it). Let me introduce those apps for Atlassian Cloud.


We have Jira Server and Cloud app, dedicated on own instances. We can manage it using own tablet: just need an internet connection. I’ve tested Cloud app in my iPod mini, as show in following figure:

Layout is very similar to WEB layout. Now, with this app we can manage own projects and issues. No Dashboard are available. So all my work done in manage my invoices (I use SumUp addon and TimeReport addon for cloud) can be used by this app. Hope this can be possible in next versions 😀

Jira Boards are available, as shown, and we can use it :). So 90% of features are available.



I’ve tested iOS app for Confluence. Layout is similar to Jira:

In this case, we have a Dashboard similar to Confluence Dashboard:

and also the editing of pages are similar to web layout

Final note

Well, with this apps we can manage Confluence e Jira without any problems. All information are available. So in Jira we don’t see any dashboard. We can manage a dashboard-like where project are listed, but if we use a specific dashboard, we cannot use in iOS app.

All the images….

… have private information covered, because I use my production environment 🙂

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