In this post we will see which possibilities we have to connect Jira and Confluence to source code. Let start examine 😀


This is the right place where create the link. If we use Bitbucket, well, if you put the issue number (KEY-number) in commit message, we can see file involved in issue develop. An example is shown in following figure:

Great but exist others solutions?

The answer is YES. Exists several addon for Jira which help us to communicate with other source control systems. Let me introduce some of them 🙂

Jigit – GitHub and GitLab integration can create, for own server instance, a link for own GitHub or GitLab repository. This is the result:

For cloud instances, we can use GitHub App Plugin for JIRA, which help us in create GitHub branch from Jira. If we use a SVN repository, we can use Svn Gateway – Subversion links in Jira, where we can check all the activities.

Great, and for Confluence?

For Confluence Cloud we can use Github Links for Confluence, as shown  in following image:

we can embed Git information in own pages. For server instances we can use Git for Confluence, which help us to embed Git information.

By Artigiano Del Software

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