In this post we will examine how integrate JasperReport by Jaspersoft with Atlassian products. Let’s go 🙂

Nice to meet you

Let me introduce Jasperreport and Jaspersoft. I think first step must be a presentation :). JasperReport is an open source java reporting tool. For more information, see the wikipedia page 🙂

This youtube video describe some information

So, as we say in Italy : Andando al dunque; JasperReport is a report tool. We can use it to obtain datas which help us make a decision. Well, We can integrate it with Atlassian products, using it as the center of the informaton.

After a small search in Marketplace, I got a Jira Addon: Smart Reports ; which helps embed report in own Jira Server Instance, as shown in folowing images:

Builtin reports

This addon can manage custom reports

Your custom reports

But this is the beginning. As shown in this video:

we can embed JasperReport in a HTML page. So this fact make possible insert a JasperReport in a Confluence page, where we can put a Javascript code.

OK. I understand the question. HTML and Javascript must be disabled in Confluence Page: security must be high. Ok. But we can use specific addons which help embed javascript in safe mode, like HTML Macro for Confluence Cloud, described in ArtigianodelSoftware blog.


By Artigiano del Software.

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