Imagine a way to create a Database over Ethereum using Smart-Contracts.

Imagine a mix with Ethereum Blockchain and NoSQL Apache Cassandra technologies.

Imagine searching using CQL over your Database over Ethereum.

That’s Ties.DB!!

We can make a try in this web. (You must use MetaMask in your Browser connected to Rinkeby Ethereum test-network and some Ether to pay the gas of the transactions.See more: Creating my first Ethereum Smart-Contract in Test net)

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-25 a las 19.41.30

Also they have released the Alpha version.

“Alpha version is an early release to allow early adoption of Ties.DB by dApps currently in development. So it still has some limitations that will be lifted in future releases.

There is only a Rinkeby connection (no connection to mainnet)
User permissions for table and tablespaces are turned off (everyone is allowed to modify any tablespace)
All database operations do not require cheques
There may be a large number of BUGs! Please feel free to submit them.”

To install in MacOSx:

And wait until geth sync the Rinkeby block 1683229 and launch Ties.db

if not, you will see this error message:


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